Phebean Amusan

Online Course

Having worked with different professionals and spoken on different platforms on how to rediscover buried career aspirations, find clarity, maximize potentials, build a compelling brand and position for opportunities.

I have, therefore, compiled these services into e-books, career coaching packages and online courses specifically designed for professionals who are tired of their current states and are ready to make conscious and deliberate efforts to achieve productivity and career goals.

The online courses have helped hundreds of professionals ranging from graduates, mid-level management, to top management and C-level executives to build rewarding and fulfilling careers  across different roles, job grades, industries and countries.

The online Courses can be completed from anywhere and at your own pace.

The courses are specifically designed to help you build workplace skills, gain visibility for your personal brands and be positioned for career opportunities.


The Online Courses are For?

  • Mid-Level/Top Management Executives
  • Career Professionals
  • CV/Résumé Writers
  • Employability Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Human Resources Professional


What the online courses cover;

  • Career Development
  • Leadership
  • Workplace Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Future of Work
  • Job Search
  • CV Writing
  • Interview.

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