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Hardwork Isn’t Enough at The Workplace

Sometimes hard work isn’t just enough at the workplace.

You can’t be meeting and exceeding your deliverables consistently and yet the reward or recognition isn’t commensurate with your efforts.

I know of a former colleague who was a high potential staff, a top performer. He was exceptional and was consistently delivering on his tasks and deliverables.

Unfortunately, he was constantly bypassed during promotion cycle. He got frustrated after spending over 4years on the same role without promotion or a meaningful recognition and was at the verge of resigning until a new manager came along and took up his issue with the management.

Though we can fault his first line manager and the appraisal/performance management system of the organization. However, everyone should take responsibilities for his/her career development. Never outsource your career development to line managers or any other third party.

Hard work isn’t enough at the workplace…..


Visibility not just within your team and department, but across your organization and industry.

Get up from your workstation and network, do all within your power to increase your visibility at work and across the organization.

Here are some unconventional approaches that can help..

  • Keep tabs on your performance and have copies of your appraisals.
  • Join ad-hoc committee at work and be active.
  • Volunteer to lead relevant projects or tasks.
  • Maximize every opportunity to demonstrate your expertise by lending your voice to worthy causes at work.
  • Be the subject Matter Expert at what you do. Be good at something. Be known for something.
  • Network beyond your immediate team and department.
  • Form alliances across functions, departments and your industry.
  • Be strategic with commendations. Once you receive any form of commendation from within/outside of your organisation or positive feedback from Clients or customers, vendors, suppliers, business partners, etc, respond by email and copy your line manager or relevant colleagues. You need to blow your own trumpet.
  • Add value to/build relationship with influencers and decision makers in the company. (We all know the shakers and movers in our organisation).
  • Learn to manage office Politics and Power.
  • Be intentional. Make friends within the HR department (Trust me, you will need this relationship sooner than you think).
  • Don’t wait for appraisal period before engaging your line manager on performance issues. Speak up!

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