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Job-Skills Match

How to Match Skills to Job Vacancies


Career Transition Masterclass is put together for Mid-level and Senior Management Professionals who are currently stuck in present roles and are struggling to switch to the job of their dreams.
A comprehensive and hands-on, practical class on how to make a seamless and guilt-free career transition.

This Masterclass is for you, if


✔ You are a mid-level or senior level professional and you feel stuck in current role.

✔ You are confused on the next thing in your career- A change of role (promotion)? A change of job? A change of career? A change of environment? or A change of boss?

✔ You feel a sense of urgency to find fulfillment and clarity in your career path as current role has become monotonous and less fulfilling.

✔ You want a change in role within current organization or a complete change of job in another organization.

✔ You have a background in a particular field and you want to switch to another field but you feel you don’t stand a chance.

✔ You have been on a particular grade for so long, and you have been repeatedly ignored or forgotten when it’s time for promotion.

✔ You are currently working in a toxic environment and you want a way of escape.

✔ You know there is a bigger opportunity for you but FEAR has prevented you from making a move.

✔ You feel your skills are only applicable in your present industry and identifying your transferable skills has been difficult.

✔ You want to make a career change but you have been procrastinating and months have spilled into years. Now you think you are too old to make the career change.

✔ You are at a crossroad because your current profile- CV and LinkedIn are not compelling enough to position you for the job of your dream.

After the Masterclass…


You will…

✔ Learn how to make a seamless and guilt-free career transition into high-paying and rewarding jobs.

✔ Be equipped with hands-on strategies and techniques needed to own your career and escape toxic work environment.

✔ Get exposed to different career options available to you and how you can be positioned for the career of your dream.

✔ Discover your hidden skills and learn how to leverage on your unique strengths to operate at your optimum capacity.

✔ Acquire the skills needed to excel in new or current roles and develop skills to ask for well-deserved promotion.

✔ Gain Career clarity and be able to create a smooth and actionable career roadmap for yourself.

✔ Be familiar with effective job-hunting and networking strategies that work.

✔ Learn how to customize your CV and Cover Letter to suit the job of interest and attract recruiter of choice.

Your Investment



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Registration closes on the 29th of February 2020




Supply Chain Management Professional

“Phebean Amusan is an incredibly effective career coach…one in a million! ….
She has the methods, tools and deep understanding to know what it takes and help professionals get to the next level. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to improve job performance, manage job transitions or personal branding”.


Co-Founder, COO at Revocube Technologies Limited.

“Phebean Amusan is an amazing HR consultant, trainer, and facilitator. I attended one of her six-week leadership workshop…. The training videos, presentation, and facilitation skills were exceptional and practicable.…….
I would recommend Phebean for all HR consultancy, Career Strategy and Futuristic thinking”.


Marketing Manager

“I have benefited from Phebean’s professional expertise and I dare say her attention to detail is world class. She was, professional scientific and quite intentional without losing empathy through out our session. Above all, her output oozes excellence. I came off really satisfied with our engagement. Keep up the good work”.


Field Service Coordinator

“I had a golden opportunity to be coached and mentored by her through a six-week leadership and career mentoring program… This program helped redefined my career, awakened the giant in me and equipped me with the tools needed to succeed in whatever I do. Phebean has a unique style of demonstrating a deep knowledge of her field and a natural ability to share her expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner”.

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  • Can I have details of the Masterclass?

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020 Time: 9am Venue: Oriental Hotel. Lagos 

  • Can I pay into your bank account?

Bank: First Bank
Account Name: HR PITCH LTD
Account Number: 2031759386Once payment is made, kindly send your receipt to so that we can confirm your payment and reserve your seat.

  • What happens after payment?

You will receive a confirmation message that your payment is successful and you will be instructed on the next step.

  • Who do I contact for further enquiries?

Please send an email to


 My name is Phebean Amusan. I’m a Career Strategist, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and a Licensed Human Resources Professional.

I have my first degree in Chemical & Polymer Engineering and I have successfully switched and built thriving career in Human Resources Profession.Over the years, I have worked with mid-level professionals and top management executives to rediscover buried aspirations, find clarity, maximize career opportunities, get their dream jobs and steer their career back on track. 

My Coaching style is unique and result-oriented as I blend strong experience in Recruitment and Human Resources practice with expertise in developing effective career coaching services that suit individual needs and guarantee a fail-proof future. 

There is just one phrase that captures what I do…….”I train, I speak, I teach and I coach on how to build a rewarding and future-proof career”

Let me help you build the career of your dream.  Let’s get started with the Career Transition Master Class.


  1. I would like to know more about your programme. I have been seeing your post on Mr John Amusan Linkedin status as he is my good friend.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    1. Thank Emmanuel for your message. Apologies for just seeing your message. To know more about our programmes, kindly follow my social media handles on IG, Twitter and LinkedIn @phebeanamusan

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