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Don’t Feel Stuck In an Unfulfilling Career

When your job becomes less fulfilling or you have simply lost interest in your career for reasons best known to you … It could be an indication that you should try something different.

As much as it is not advisable to be changing careers or jobs on a whim, it is also imperative that you look out for the red flags and know when to plan your exit.

Rather than continuing in a job or career that is in conflict with your personal values, career goal or future aspirations. It is okay to make a career transition or career switch.

We all know that it isn’t always easy to make this change but you will also agree with me that is not impossible, either.


Don’t feel trapped in a job/career that is destroying your drive, motivations and future aspirations.

Don’t allow guilt, fear or sentiments to prevent you from making that much needed career-defining decision.

Making a career switch or transition requires determination, planning and focus.

Here are few points to consider before taking that giant leap…

#1- Conduct a Self/Career Assessment: Be sure you are not making a rash decision. Identify the actual cause/source of dissatisfaction. Critically assess your current state and determine if what you really need is a change of boss, job or industry and not a complete change of career.

#2- Explore your options: Do a thorough research to identify available options that you can tap into. Do you have transferable skills that help you navigate a new career path?

#3- Have a Plan: Once you identified possible options, you need to plan, prioritize and focus on a specific career. Make sure your plan is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

#4- Identify areas of improvement: Do you have the competence, skills and expertise needed for the identified job/ career? If not, how do you intend to bridge the gap and get the required skills?

#5- Position yourself: Pursue your career fulfillment without fear or favour. Increase your knowledge, acquire new skills, work on your personal brand/profile, network..

It is not always an easy decision to make a career transition, but it is a worthy cause!

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