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Must Use CV Active Verbs

Use active verbs to spice up your CV or Résumé. It is not enough to list job descriptions or job responsibilities on your CV, what will help you create a positive impression and stand out among other applicants is….

…using appropriate active verbs to highlight evidence of your outstanding performance and its impact on the overall business objectives of your employer….

Avoid using passive voice in your CV, it downplays your expertise and capability to effectively handle the role.

Below is an example of achievement in passive/active voice

Passive Voice: In charge of restructuring of loan and recovering criticized assets during remediation exercise. In which 35% was recovered out of the criticized assets and 60% of non-performing loans.

Active Voice: Spearheaded assets remediation exercise for the recovery of 35% criticized assets and restructuring of 65% non-performing loans.

You will agree with me that the achievement in active voice is more compelling and captivating.

Beginning accomplishment phrases with active verbs, does not only boost CV but it also, distinguishes key strengths and (measurable) achievements.



  • Managed and supported major active distributors to achieve 141.5% increase in sales volume and 110% increase in revenue within 2years.
  • Drove aggressive sales which increased regional contribution to National sales from 10% to 65% within 1year.


  • Re-launched a major brand and attained 300% increase in sales volume within 6 months.
  • Drove brand profitability by achieving 33% growth in sales (from N6bn to N8bn) and 10% growth in revenue within 2 years.
  • Participated in the development and launch of new brand which increased category market share by 12% within 1year.


  • Led a top-flight team that aggressively won high volume deposit accounts and achieved over 250% growth in the branch’s total deposit within 3 years.
  • Regularized various delinquent accounts in excess of N2.5billion and recovered over N265million loan.


  • Attained over 37% increase in employee engagement levels within 6 months.
  • Maintained a low 1% turnover rate through effective staff onboarding, and close monitoring of new joiners.


  • Recorded 200% increase in footfall ratio (which exceeded historical metrics) within 3 months through introduction of quality customer service.
  • Achieved a quantum leap of 65% increase in customer satisfaction rate within 18 months through effective training of customer service team.

CV is a life document that should be updated on a regular basis. When next you are updating your CV, remember to liven it up with any of these active verbs;

Achieved, Led, Oversaw, Launched, Coordinated, Monitored, Spearheaded, Recorded, Discovered, Maintained, Identified, Developed, Grew, Initiated, Drove, Instituted, Published, Established, Attained, Designed, Generated, Facilitated, Championed, Streamlined, Piloted, Introduced, Implemented, Executed, Organized, Provided, Optimized, Overhauled, Stimulated, Simplified, Incorporated, Reduced, Saved, Salvaged, Recovered, Resolved, Revamped, Supervised, Liaised, Recruited, Enhanced, etc.

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