My name is Phebean

I help people to uncover their hidden strengths, maximize their potentials and become high flyers in their chosen profession.


About Me

As a Career Coach, I have helped professionals at different career stages to unveil hidden strengths and maximize career opportunities across different industries within and outside their country of residence.

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My Services

My coaching services for individuals and groups have covered; Extraordinary Goal Setting, Productivity-Time Management, Work-Life Balance & Self-Care, Life Coaching, Self-Discovery, Workforce Productivity, Career Coaching, Job Search Strategy, Interview Coaching, CV/Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

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Contact Phebean

Over the years, I have successfully functioned as a Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Guest Speaker at conferences, workshops, seminars, forums, webinars, retreats for corporate organizations, faith-based organizations, professional bodies and groups with relevance in Nigeria and across Africa.

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Need help achieving career fulfilment?

Career Switch? Career Transition? Career Transformation? Career Development? Or you are confused on the next career move? I am here to help you make the right career decision and walk with you on your journey to career fulfilment!

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ABOUT THIS COURSE This video course is designed for people who want to take a giant leap in their career. This course will expose you to practicable strategies needed to build a sustainable career, especially in the face of ever dynamic business environment. This video course bundle contains 6 Video Lessons and 6-in-1 Workbook. Early…

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