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Leaders In Making Bootcamp 2.0



Leaders in Making Bootcamp- LIMB is a 6-week online leadership and mentoring program for professionals in Africa. This mentoring program is FREE. 

However, it is only open to individuals who are tired of status quo and desire to discover purpose, fulfill career aspirations, lead with a difference and acquire skills needed for local and global competitiveness.


  • To develop exceptional leadership skills to take on today’s challenges, prepare for future opportunities and make impact in their world.
  • To raise responsible leaders who are ready to make meaningful impact in Africa and across the world in the face of technological disruptions.
  • To build leadership capacity and acquire skills to lead across diverse cultures.
  • To provide training and coaching that will help participants in building a future-driven career.



This personalized all-encompassing program will incorporate online sessions and membership of an online private group.

There will be; Weekly learning sessions, Interactive Live Sessions (online), weekly tasks (individual & team) to be completed and submitted within a specified time frame.

This is a Certificate program. However, certificates will only be issued to participants who have successfully completed both individual and group tasks within agreed timeline.

Also included;

  • Learning materials
  • Video Lessons
  • Certificate of boot camp completion.
  • Scholarship to an online course for the best participant.



6 weeks Intensive Program

 (November 4-December 20, 2019)



Professionals who..

  • Want to make impact in their world.
  • Seek to maximize their leadership potentials.
  • Want to sharpen their problem solving, decision-making, communication and team building skills.
  • Desire to build a sustainable career.

Do not apply if,

  • You are not ready to show commitment and dedication to the program.
  • You would rather give excuses than complete all tasks/projects before deadline.
  • You are satisfied with status quo and not ready to take on new challenges.



  • Passion for success.
  • Access to computer and internet.



STEP 1: Click on the link below to access the application form

STEP 2: Fill all required fields in the application form.

STEP 3: Click ‘submit’.


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